Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Anger Level - DEFCON 2... where is The Suitcase?

In my extended absence, I have seen many a gory thing. Many events that just make your stomach flip and the anger churn. But for me, nothing is more aggravating than what is going on now in Iraq.

Firefights, ambushes, U.S. losses, Iraqi losses… all that, I can deal with. Maybe I am heartless, maybe I am detached, or maybe I think it is all worth it, but regardless I can accept those things. What drives me up a fucking wall is this:

“"We certainly do not want to get into the business of hitting mosques ... but when they attack us from them, the Marines have no choice," said Fox News military analyst, retired Army Maj. Gen. Don Edwards.”

So let me get this straight… you (being the Iraqi fucktards) do not want to engage the U.S.M.C. head on. Believe me, especially after all the work I have done with Marines, I can fully understand that. Given the wartime situation, I can understand ambushes and these lousy suicide attacks and whatnot. You have to chip away at the enemy, even if you have no realistic idea of military success (now, the idea of propaganda success is far different, but I digress). And I understand that you (again, Iraqi fucktards) think Allah wants you to fight the invaders. Alright, so I guess Allah has a hard-on for dead Muslims, but fine, if that’s what you want to believe, go for it. Yet, you hide like fucking cowards behind your buildings of worship, which my all means should not be involved in the war at all, and shoot out? This is being done not because the mosque construction makes these structures the best compounds, but only because if the American fire back, they get all kinds of heat from others. My opinion of this: screw them (again, the Iraqi fucktards). They have put the mosques in play, they have brought guns into a supposedly ‘holy’ site, and keep in mind that if these were churches or if the enemy force were Muslim, the entire issue would be null and void. Yeah, it’s bad form to go blowing up churches and such when people seek sanctuary, but when they shoot out? Imagine the situations in WWII where Germans were sniping American G.I.s from cathedrals. We took them the fuck out, and the Germans expected as such. They were not in the church because they expected some touchy-queery public opinion to shift, they were there because it was just another building to them. Also remember that Saddam marched into the Imam Ali’ mosque (where that al-Sadr fucktard is now holed up) and blew shit away about 15-20 years ago. He did it to other sites across Iraq. Of course, he was different because the people were not shooting at him from these sites, and even then there was no Muslim upheaval of how horrible he was (clearly, if he still was comfortable in power until a year ago). Yet, if an American shoots at a mosque even in error, they have proven themselves worth of the title ‘Great Satan.’

Lesson of the day: Divine protection does not come from hiding behind the walls of a mosque. Divine protection is when I shoot you and the bullets disappear or bounce off or something of the like. Put your money where your mouth is, and bank on the divine versus the Marines, you Iraqi fucktards, go right on ahead.


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